Norman Lockyer Observatory 2015 opening times

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Norman Lockyer Observatory
Date Time Theme/Title
Sat 7th March 19:30 Star Clusters
Sat 14th March 11am - 5pm British Science Week - Family Day
Sat 21st March 19:30 Solar Eclipses
Sat 11th April 19:30 Lunar Eclipses
Sat 25th April 19:30 Stars of the Southern hemisphere
Sat 2nd May 19:30 The Summer Triangle
Wed 20th May 14:30  
Sat 30th May 19:30 Saturn at Opposition
Sat 6th June 19:30 Safely Observing the Sun
Wed 10th June 14:30  
Thur 18th June 19:30  
Wed 24th June 14:30  
Sat 27th June 19:30 How big are stars?
Wed 8th July 14:30  
Thur 9th July 19:30  
Sat 25th July 19:30 What are Double Stars
Wed 29th July 14:30  
Sat 8th Aug 9:30am - 5:30pm South West Astronomy Fair
Wed 12th Aug 19:30 Perseid Meteor Shower
Wed 19th Aug 14:30  
Sat 22nd Aug 19:30 Our Local Group Of Galaxies
Wed 26th Aug 14:30  
Thur 27th Aug 19:30  
Wed 9th Sept 14:30  
Sat 12th Sept 19:30 Comets and Asteroids
Sat 19th Sept 19:30 Observe the Moon Night
Sat 3rd Oct 19:30 Uranus at Opposition
Sun 18th Oct 11am - 5pm Sidmouth Science Festival
Sat 31st Oct 19:30 The Gas Giants
Sat 7th Nov 19:30 Star formation
Sat 28th Nov 19:30 Finding your way around the Night Sky
Sat 5th Dec 19:30 Moons of the Solar System
Sat 12th Dec 19:30 The Geminid Meteor Shower





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